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In November 2018, the Warrenton Community passed a $38.5 million bond to fund several facility construction and upgrades in our district.  With matching grants, bond premiums, and interest the total funding for these projects came to $45.5 million.  One of the largest components of the bond was to purchase land that was out of the tsunami inundation zone for a master campus and the construction of the first building there. 

The district purchased 58 acres off of Dolphin Road (just above the Oregon State Police barracks) that will eventually serve as a single master campus for the all schools in the district.  The new Warrenton Middle School campus will be ready to go in time for the start of the 2021-2022 school year. More information about the Middle School project can be found here: Warrenton Middle School Bond Project


Here are a few recent pics:

Aierial 2


Aerial West